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End Worry and Anxiety, Forever

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This Is Absolutely The Easiest Way For You To Have The Future You Deserve Free Of All Worries And Anxieties Forever.

Bold statement  I must agree!  Myself and thousands I know now experience life without letting Worry or Anxiety stop us. Imagine your life where you can banish all worry at will and experience the wonders that life has to offer. It's your birthright to live in harmony and abundance, take the opportunity now.

Because of the importance of this topic, I have developed a new eBook called Overcoming Worry and Anxiety.
This book also includes the complete guided imagery words on 2 CDs - one is for goals and the other is for meditation.
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Moments of Worry and Anxiousness Will Always Surface.

You will learn how to move forward in spite of Worry or Anxiety and go for what you are seeking. How do I know you can? You see I have lived through a war and have seen and experienced things that people can only imagine.  In civilian life a drug crazed killer murdered my three daughters all in the one night. It took a tremendous effort, using the skills I had been taught, to live through this. I now dedicate my life to helping others lead the best life they can and overcome life's problems.  What more can I say!  [ Read my Story ]

Nagging Worry makes life hard for millions of people.

How often do you wonder how your life would have been now, if you freed your mind of your anxiousness all those years ago. I'll bet you are sitting there right now with all of that emotion. Life doesn't have to be like that. You've dreamt about it, now you can do it!

Anxiety Free - Success Stories:-

 Kieran  NSW - Copes with his Stress and Balances Life!

...... By using the techniques I have been able to cope with my stresses and work towards balancing the diverse demands of relationships, family and finance. It is electrifying to be associated with someone who understands the awesome power of imagination. Spiritually it is gratifying to know someone like you, who understands the power of forgiveness and the power of love. It can be truly said you are a walking example of one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's creeds "Every soul is not only the inlet, but may become the outlet of all there is in God."   [ Read the full testimonial ]

 Harold TAS - Changed and Enriched his life!

.Sandy, you have changed and enriched our lives. Thank you sincerely for what you have done for us and what you are doing for so many others.     [ Read the full testimonial ]

This low cost, easy-to-learn-and-do program comes at no risk to you.  There is a complete No Questions Asked, Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee.

That's right, if your anxiety levels do not improve after using this simple step by step guided program, we refund all your money.

Imagine a world where You are:-

  • Always worry free.
  • Approaching life with peace and calm, every day.
  • Able to take care of yourself, when life seems out of control.
  • Part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.
  • Handling worry and anxiety to reduce everyday stress levels.
  • Able to live without pills and drugs.

That Brighter Future Free of Worry and Anxiousness Is Your Birthright So Take It Now.

Thousands of people just like you use this simple step by step guided program to lead the life they deserve, free of the same Worry and Anxiety that are holding you back right now.

Simply Lead the Life You Deserve Now, easy to learn, easy to use, permanent, low cost and at no risk to you.

CALM has spent years researching the secret of "how best to shed Worry and Anxiety".  The little-known knowledge learned has been distilled into a step by step program that gives you the future you deserve.  In part, a guided meditation is used to reprogram the neural pathways to rid the subconscious mind of constant worry and anxiety, but much more as well.  You can listen and learn at your convenience, anywhere, any time you have a spare 20 minutes. 

Most "life change" teachers take days to do this program in seminars / workshops costing from $499 to $1000s.

This audio costs only $25 for the CD, $20 for the MP3 and is guaranteed to work.  I know we can help you, I use it myself and our CALM community tell us time and time again of change for the better in their lives.

I have helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you, over the last 18 years - people who have bought my CDs or books, or who have attended my seminars.  We are so sure, that we offer a comprehensive guarantee.

When you follow this easy to use, low cost, simple step by step guided program, you will:-

  • "switch off Worry and Anxiety" in your mind and assess your life
  • reprogram the neural pathways of your mind to manage Worry and Anxiety permanently
  • relax, release stress and take control in less than 30 seconds
  • the benefits will last your whole life
  • the benefits will apply to other problem areas of your life
  • there are no ongoing costs
  • you take it with you and learn in your own time at your own pace
  • it couldn't be easier

Are You Ready - Buy this simple step by step guided program - just $25, lets you build that anxiety free life that is rightfully yours but is eluding you now.

Buy CD $25

Instant Download

You may wish to read more information, technical and scientific.      [ Read More Information about Worry and Anxiousness ]

I urge you to read the testimonials below:-

Success Stories - Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

RT, Melbourne.

Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter and I had a fantastic time with you and the workshop group in Sydney on the weekend seminar.  So many positives came out of it for both of us.  Here's an example to show how fast your techniques work.  I am typically a nervous flyer and I usually have a lot of self talk going on about things like - the plane crashing, or we're up too high - or what if that engine drops off - is the pilot OK - how can he see through this cloud - are we about to fly into a mountain, etc... - makes me feel agitated and tense.  but on the flight home I was able to use my PP, combined with the goal of "I enjoy flying, flying is fun".  Not one negative thought was able to break through is - no self talk describing mid air plunges, etc... I felt totally relaxed and even enjoyed the bumpy sensations as dropped through the cloud to make a landing.  I was very pleased to be able to use the techniques almost immediately - thanks for that.

RM Sydney

Several years ago I arrived in Australia with a mission. Sensing that the potential of using the power of the mind to get things "happening" for oneself was one of the key areas I should work with, I read different books and tried different systems, all based on "the powers of the mind", but after a while they all seemed too rigorous and soon bored me. Since reading your book "Piece of Mind" and doing your "Life Skills Seminar" I've adopted some of the techniques you have taught me and used some of your tapes and am now in the process of making my own tapes, tailor made for me.

I find your method you taught me of entering meditation or just releasing stress is so easy and when I do it I love it! Your CD on "Inner Peace & Harmony" is doing wonders for me.        [top]

I recently wrote an article which was published in heartWISE volume 28. I reproduce it below because it really complements this article.

heartWISE Article Volume 28 - Stress as Part Of the Modern Working Life

We're all aware of stress and the damage it can wreak in our lives and we all know that a certain amount of stress is part of living - to keep us motivated and moving from one goal-post to the next. High chronic stress levels have been linked to an increase in cholesterol and blood pressure which in turn can affect the heart.

Stress can predispose certain people to becoming lethargic, eat more and exercise less and perhaps even to smoke - all "enemies" of the heart. Chronic stress also exposes us to high levels of the stress hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline suppresses the immune system, raises our heart rate and increases our blood pressure.

Science Today Tells Us That Stress Is Cumulative

If we don't manage our stress levels, releasing stress as we progress through life, then the immune system is suppressed, damaging tissues and organs which can influence our risk of dying through cancer and heart disease.

The Value Of Meditation      [top]

I'm sure we all know the value of exercise as a "Stress Buster". Many people handle their stress by jogging, walking and sport. What exercise does is to secrete endorphins - the "feel good" hormones. Experts tell us that exercise alone is not enough.

I urge you to examine your life and the way stress is caused for you. Find the causes! Even the way you talk to yourself can cause stress. Negative self talk can have a major impact on self esteem and self confidence. It can lead to depression.

I believe is that when you recognise a life challenge, then you're 50% of the way through the challenge. The next 25% is saying - Yes, I want to do something about it. The remaining 25% is doing it - which you're also doing - and that's where Peaceful Place methods help.

Tony in Tasmania

, who uses the Peaceful Place relaxation methods, wrote the following story. I had my first heart attack at about 8.30pm one hot Tuesday evening (would you believe that it was still 30 degrees in Hobart) just after completing my regular evening workout. I was sitting down putting on my socks when the symptoms first struck. I was alone, everybody else having left the gym, and the staff were at the other end of the complex. They were too far away to hear, and I could not raise my voice loud enough to be heard outside of the change room. I knew that the next person due in there was the cleaner, and that was not till 9.00pm. It was what happened next that makes me truly indebted to you Sandy. I went to my Peaceful Place and was able to bring down my pulse rate, control the sweating and feeling of nausea and "distanced" the pain sufficiently to allow me to get dressed and go for help. There should be no need to tell you what I did first when I was struck again some two weeks later. I'm here to tell you it works! I look forward to catching up with you again in the not too distant future, but in the meantime I know that your support is only a tape away.        [top]

TT, Tasmania

You should have a positive attitude and take control of your life. Meditation reduces stress without using drugs and may even slow the ageing process.

How Can I Cope with Stress?

With the Peaceful Place methods you can achieve relaxation whenever you want - in 30 seconds, respond effectively to difficult situations, take on new challenges without feeling stressed and much more.

There is no doubt that life tests us all and many of us face more challenges than others; for example grief is something that all of us will eventually face in one form or another and we need to learn coping methods. It is important of course to have the best medical attention available - and then to have faith in our doctor. Spiritual faith is also very important for a lot of people.

n exceptionally heavy workload, being a workaholic and a perfectionist with a stress level "out of control", resulted in not only physical and mental exhaustion, but contributed to my first major car accident in 37 years of driving. Fortunately my wife Aileen heard Sandy MacGregor talking on the ABC about his seminar to be held in Launceston in June 1994 and insisted I attend. Despite protests of not having time, I finally agreed.       [top]

Harold:- CALM worry and anxiety methods changed and enriched lifeHarold, TAS    [back]

This was THE BEST SEMINAR I have attended. I used the techniques and quickly learned how to relax at will, set goals and reassess values. Twelve months on, a second seminar attended by both my wife and myself and the benefits are exceptional. Sandy, you have changed and enriched our lives. Thank you sincerely for what you have done for us and what you are doing for so many others.      [back]

Keiren Copes with his Worry Stress and Balances Life Kieran NSW    [back]

Sandy, I want to let you know how very much your course has changed my life. As Norbert Wiener has said, the techniques you teach are nothing less than "the secret of life". For some years I have been a nervous and fearful person, both of which were a manifestation of going through a marriage break up and bankruptcy proceedings. Confidence in myself had plummeted.

Through the techniques you have taught me, my life has dramatically changed around. For example, my first book is on track to being published by September 1996; my business is on track to being largely successful; and more importantly, all my relationships - family and friends continue to strengthen.

By using the techniques I have been able to cope with my stresses and work towards balancing the diverse demands of relationships, family and finance. It is electrifying to be associated with someone who understands the awesome power of imagination. Spiritually it is gratifying to know someone like you, who understands the power of forgiveness and the power of love. It can be truly said you are a walking example of one of Ralph Waldo Emerson's creeds "Every soul is not only the inlet, but may become the outlet of all there is in God."   [back]

         [ top ]


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