Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are numerous and can help with all aspects of life, including:

  • Feeling more relaxed
  • Cultivating inner peace
  • Promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Overcoming worry and anxiety
  • Developing clearer focus
  • Being more effective and efficient
  • Helping to control anger and negative thoughts
  • Releasing excess weight or gaining weight as needed
  • Many more things not listed here

Sandy proved the benefits of meditation to himself commencing in 1981. He is a Civil Engineer, a retired Army Colonel and was awarded bravery medals in Vietnam's Cu Chi Tunnels where he commanded the Original Tunnel Rats. He learnt meditation from his son who had already used it to help his asthma and to save his own leg from amputation. Sandy applied it to weight release - 49 pounds (22 kgms) and to controlling blood pressure. He even found inner strength after the tragic murder of his three daughters using these same techniques.

He then founded Creative Accelerated Learning Methods (CALM) which utilizes the most advanced, scientific and up-to-date techniques available in easy-to-follow books, CDs, DVDs and direct downloads to your computer. He has developed a comprehensive set of tools designed to show anyone the benefits meditation can have in their lives.

What are the benefits of meditation for someone who has never meditated before?

On average, we talk to ourselves 65,000 times a day. Given this fact, it is extremely difficult for most people to learn the traditional Eastern styles of meditation that involve learning to empty the mind. 65,000 daily conversations with ourselves is a lot of emptying to do!

Creative Accelerated Learning Methods (CALM) utilizes a way of working with your mind that does not involve complex, time intensive methods based on attempts to empty your mind. Active Meditation techniques incorporate visualization techniques to actively program your subconscious to control thoughts, enhance your creativity and achieve your meditation goals. Active Meditation uses any or all of the five senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste) to reinforce the inherent benefits of meditation.

Meditation produces many and varied life benefits. Every meditation you do releases stress and helps provide clear perspective to the challenges you experience in life. While in the meditation state your mind will be extremely acute even as your body relaxes to the point of feeling either extremely light, very heavy, or having no feeling at all. One or more of these conditions signifies that you have reached the Theta state of deep meditation. Just the practical benefit of such deep relaxation alone will prove invaluable by allowing you to more calmly face everyday challenges with relationships, work, family, self, money and many other areas.

Since coming to your seminar and using the Peaceful Place techniques I am 110% better and feel fantastic, the binge eating is so much better that it is not a problem any more

Thank you heaps. Elissa, Vic.

Thank you, Sandy. Have just been rereading your notes on sleep. Am finding the PP idea useful l- I use it when I am waiting for a lift or going to sleep at night.

Betty Mayne, NSW.

I take my problems and decision making to my PP and most often I find that I am shown a way around something that I was certain had no happy outcome.

Betty Munro, Tas.

"Sandy 's Free E-Report - is available. The E-Report has tips that will use calm techniques in every day life.  We will answer questions you ask and with your permission publish your successes stories using the CALM techniques so that you can assist others.  To Register and to receive the E-Report, click here"
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