Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Creative Accelerated Learning Methods (CALM) offers its live seminars in a pack as DVDs and CDs that are designed to help achieve the state of relaxed awareness necessary for deep Theta meditation. In addition, CALM provides online guided meditation on its website.

Sandy MacGregor, the founder of CALM Guided Meditation, proved the power of meditation to himself commencing in 1981. He is a Civil Engineer, a retired Army Colonel and was awarded bravery medals in Vietnam's Cu Chi Tunnels where he commanded the Original Tunnel Rats. He learnt guided meditation from his son who had already used it to help his asthma and to save his own leg from amputation. Sandy applied it to weight release - 49 pounds (22 kgms) and to controlling blood pressure. He even found inner strength after the tragic murder of his three daughters using these same techniques.

Here is what Sandy has to say about the personal journey that allowed him to develop his guided meditation techniques:

    My personal experience of inner peace and harmony was to first work through, during active meditation, acceptance and co-operation. In other words acceptance of every single thing that I had done in my life, or that anyone had done against me, or with me, or to me. To accept and cooperate with it. There's not much sense in not cooperating, because it's happened, so that's it. The next process for me was to find out about unconditional love of self and others, about totally loving, no matter who it involves, or what has happened. And thirdly, the process of forgiveness. The process of Inner Peace is different for all of us. We all have different journeys. I'm sure the active meditation techniques can be useful and will complement anything else you do towards achieving your own inner peace.

Sandy developed both his guided meditation and online guided meditation programs with the idea of helping meditators achieve inner peace. For it is only by reaching such a space of complete release and acceptance that the full benefit of the CALM Meditation techniques is felt.

By its nature, Active Meditation - or using the mind in a relaxed way to work with meditative goals - is the perfect medium for guided meditation in general. The mind is alert, aware and engaged in the entire process during meditation. This allows for often remarkable results in many areas of life.

As you know I attended your seminar earlier this year. I am just as dedicated to my goals now as I was on the last day of the seminar. I'm still meditating every day using your Peaceful Place collection and have during that time, used the weight release meditation and have lost 6 kgs. I also have used the meditations to change my habit of nail biting, and now have very long and strong nails which I'm very proud of. I have the ability now to get to my peaceful place and de-stress quickly, sometimes even meditating by just reciting your words in my head electricity or ipod required.

The skills you have shared with me have been absolutely life changing and I'm a calmer more confident person, striving toward my goals and setting more as I achieve, and also sharing what I have learnt with gusto and passion.

Thank you Sandy.

Rebecca James, Vic.

Recently I developed a malignant cancer on the nose which had to be removed. This procedure was done while I was still awake and it was a real test for me given that I am claustrophobic. I had the Doctor and nurse crowding over the top of me, which made me feel decidedly uncomfortable before one of them suddenly put a heavy cover over my face with just an area for the nose cut out. I felt completely trapped. But quite incredibly, before I went into panic mode (as I formerly would), I was able to instantly go to my Peaceful Place and totally ignore what was going on about me.

Jack Carson, NSW.

"Sandy 's Free E-Report - is available. The E-Report has tips that will use calm techniques in every day life.  We will answer questions you ask and with your permission publish your successes stories using the CALM techniques so that you can assist others.  To Register and to receive the E-Report, click here"

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