Meditation CD

Meditation Cd

CALM Meditation offers meditation CDs as excellent tools to enhance your meditation experience. Achieve optimal tranquillity and harmony through the music and sounds of Infinite Joy, or optimize your educational and working tasks with CALM's 2 CD Accelerated Learning Music set. Use your CDs any time you want to create a peaceful space for relaxation, study, inner peace or to enhance your creativity.

Meditation CDs use guided imagery and sophisticated effects to help you meditate easily and effectively. Use each meditation CD to:

  • Enhance relaxation and experience inner peace and harmony
  • Let go of inhibitions and overcome challenging situations
  • Promote efficient study and enhance retention of facts
  • Stimulate creativity and promote thinking outside the box

Each meditation CD comes to you as either a CD or as a download. CALM music CDs include:

  • Peaceful Place Series No 1 which has beautiful instrumentation that will help guide you through the creation of your own Peaceful Place.
  • Accelerated Learning Music (2 CD set). A selection of Baroque classics all with a specific beat of 60 beats per minute. This is excellent background music for studying nearly anything, from mathematics to languages.

Our music CDs use sophisticated techniques to regulate the proper beat frequency, which helps you achieve and sustain optimal Theta state active meditation while listening to the music. Scientific studies have shown that music which synchronises with the beating frequency of the human heart is most effective for the purposes of meditation.

Sandy proved the power of meditation to himself commencing in 1981. He is a Civil Engineer, a retired Army Colonel and was awarded bravery medals in Vietnam's Cu Chi Tunnels where he commanded the Original Tunnel Rats. He learnt meditation from his son who had already used it to help his asthma and to save his own leg from amputation. Sandy applied it to weight release - 49 pounds (22 kgms) and to controlling blood pressure. He even found inner strength after the tragic murder of his three daughters using these same techniques.

He founded CALM (Creative Accelerated Learning Methods). CALM's Meditation CD series is designed to use Active Meditation to achieve specific goals:

  • Peaceful Place Series No 2 through to 21 use relaxing background music and gentle guided imagery to help deal with depression, worry; to create unconditional love and acceptance, improve relationships, and many other challenges.
  • Moving Onward Pack (download) are guided meditations that address grief and loss.
  • Meditation Gift Pack (download). The perfect gift for someone you love.
  • Peaceful Place Collection (download). Comprehensive plan for building your own Peaceful Place to release negativity, heal yourself and enhance your self worth.
  • Student Steps to Success Pack (download). Specifically designed to enhance your learning and memory skills.


I think u are a wonderful person. I am going into year 11 this year and am currently working on "student's steps to success" and it is helping so much! it is so amazing, thank you so much for taking the initiative to compile this great book and cds, u are helping so many people everywhere!

yours sincerely,


I recently attended your CALM Life Skills Seminar and I have to tell you that doing your seminar was one of the best things I have ever learnt. Peaceful Place is a part of my life every day even if it's for 1 to 3 minutes. I do your Relaxation and Meditation CDs most days, it is and always will be a part of my life as it helps me so much in how I feel and daily stress. I always think of you when I listen to your calming and caring voice on the CD. I hope in the future we can meet again. Take care and all the best.

Helen, Vic.

"Sandy 's Free E-Report - is available. The E-Report has tips that will use calm techniques in every day life.  We will answer questions you ask and with your permission publish your successes stories using the CALM techniques so that you can assist others.  To Register and to receive the E-Report, click here"

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