Meditation For Beginners

Meditation For Beginners

Even the most stringent skeptic accustomed to left-brained black and white thinking can soon learn to appreciate and easily begin to master the meditation process for beginners. Sandy MacGregor, the Founder and Director of CALM Meditation (in 1989) and the developer of the Creative Accelerated Learning Methods (CALM) process believes that anyone is capable and can benefit from meditation, especially beginners. Sandy himself has a background in the military and civil engineering, both of which did not predispose him to accept meditation as having any particular benefit at a practical level.

He learnt meditation from his son who had already used it to help his asthma and to save his own leg from amputation. Sandy applied it to weight release - 49 pounds (22 kgms) and to controlling blood pressure. He even found inner strength after the tragic murder of his three daughters using these same techniques. After years of attending seminars and seeking professional guidance, Sandy came to eventually understand the extreme value in people's lives of meditation techniques for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced meditators.

Meditation for Beginners

While nothing worthwhile in life is completely effortless, meditation, if consistently practised on a regular basis, can yield quite dramatic results, even for beginners. Sandy has devoted years of study to the actual science and methodology of meditation. His determination to understand not only why meditation works, but also how it works has provided the basis of his CALM programs and seminars.

I am able to explain it from a very grounded background. My beliefs and understanding have been further cemented as the years pass and I am witness to the successes that people achieve using these techniques.

- Sandy MacGregor

Due to initial unfamiliarity of the techniques and overall uncertainty of how to use the tools, the meditation process necessarily involves more initial focus on overcoming the unfamiliarity of the method and on learning to identify the various states of brainwave activity that lead up to achieving deep meditation in the Theta state. To help the meditation process for beginners to master the process, Sandy has produced a 3 hour, 2 DVD set entitled Active Meditation, that covers the following:

  • DVD No 1 (103 minutes)
    • Sandy's story
    • The Pointing Exercise
    • Visualizing seven different ways
    • Three different ways to experience guided imagery
    • Positions for meditation
    • Build your Peaceful Place to relax and release stress
  • DVD No 2 (80 minutes)
    • Reaching the relaxed state faster
    • Understanding the science of the mind
    • Knowing when you are in the meditation state
    • Knowing how to go deeper
    • Active Meditation for handling a variety of challenging conditions
    • Experiencing an Active Meditation
    • Proof of relaxation (EEG readout)

Thank you so much for the great seminar. It really did rescue me from the depths of hurt and sadness. I'm 'doing' the CDs on forgiveness, hurt and sleep and they've helped enormously.

I've been speaking with some of my other friends and one in particular has seen the huge improvement in my whole outlook. Both ladies are impressed with what they hear and they want to attend your next seminar. I will give them as much information as I can and will direct them to your website. Chris, Qld

I was interesting to receive your E-Report at this time, as I had been recently assessing my progress over the past 3 years. Perhaps you would like to hear of my journey since attending your seminar.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and underwent a radical mastectomy, followed by radiotherapy. Although I did not have any problems coping with life after cancer, it was still a trying time. My husband had heard an interview you did on ABC radio while I was in hospital recovering and was most impressed and tried to trace you without success. Until one day I read in our local paper you were to conduct a seminar. I enjoyed it so much and this is where my story really begins..........

During the course you asked us about our goals. Should be easy you would think, but, I didn't even have one goal. My husband and I had just retired. We had had a great life, three great kids, nine grand kids. We were all healthy happy etc. etc. etc. The only thing I could think of to write down was to stay happy and healthy.

However, I did think about this word GOAL for quite a long time.

Life went on and I became a Cancer Connect Volunteer; then I formed another Support Group.

Whilst researching some information on Breast Cancer Reconstruction for a patient I came across a new type of surgery and "voila" I now had a GOAL and nothing and I mean nothing was going to stop me from finding a surgeon in Australia who could perform this surgery. I then had to convince him he could do this as I was 10 years over the recommended age for this type of surgery. Welllll it is a long story, but, I did find him and it did happen.

I eventually had a TRAM FLAP RECONSTRUCTION and my life changed forever. I am doing things I would never have attempted while wearing a prosthesis. (YOGA /TAI CHI) I feel normal again, life is wonderful. A few weeks ago I had my 10th annual check up and came away with a clean sheet.

Today I signed up to do a one year course in creative writing.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing my story and maybe one day we will meet again and I can fill in the gaps. Keep up the good work.

Stay well and happy. Loris, Vic

I am almost 50 years old and for as long as I long as I can remember I have bitten my finger nails. Just an awfully bad habit which I was never able to break.

After attending Sandy's seminar I stopped biting my nails, and now I have the most beautiful long nails, often painted quite a "bright" colour as I am so proud of them.

Thank you Sandy for helping me to overcome this awful habit which had bothered me for such a very long time.

I often think of you with pride, when I look down at them!!

Linda, ACT.

"Sandy 's Free E-Report - is available. The E-Report has tips that will use calm techniques in every day life.  We will answer questions you ask and with your permission publish your successes stories using the CALM techniques so that you can assist others.  To Register and to receive the E-Report, click here"

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